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Kid Speak

Mom to Jude, age 5:

Mom: Jude are you giving up anything for Lent?
Jude: What do you mean?
Mom: You have to give up something like your DS, TV, IPad…
Jude: What are you giving up mom?
Mom: Chicken and Cheese Puffs.
Jude: Okay mom, I will give up Spinach.
Mom: Jude you don’t eat Spinach.
Jude: Yeah, that’s the point I won’t have have to try and eat it anymore.


“I want to name my stuffed monkey ‘Pussy’.”  “What did you say?!”  “I said I want to name my stuffed monkey ‘Pussy’.  Because we just saw ‘Puss In Boots”.  Dorothy, age 5 


An aunt to her two year old nephew, who has just asked her for ice cream: “What’s the magic word, Devon?”  Devon: “Abracadabra?”


“Mommy, I want to go to Australia to see all the animals. Daddy has to come to kill the dingoes.”  Mom: “Why do you want to kill the dingoes?”  ”Because, dingoes eat small mammals, and I’m a small mammal!” Evan, age 4


“Mommy, come quick!  My penis is growing right now!  It’s getting bigger and bigger!” -Ryan, age 2


“Mom, I love you more than ice cream, cheeseburgers… everything I love to eat!”   -Khev, age 6

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