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picstitchI’ve been trying to think of ways to build my readership so I’ve been skimming my favorite news magazines and online outlets to see what kind of child-related articles get picked up and/or talked about the most.  I definitely got a taste for what’s popular, but I’m not sure this new found information is going to help me very much.


1.)    I could talk about Blue Ivy Carter: her hair, how her parents choose to dress her, who she looks most like…  or not because everybody else in the blogosphere is already doing that all the time.


2.)    I could talk about other celebrity children (none seem as popular as Blue Ivy) but people seem interested in every little dress or shirt or shoe that celebrities’ offspring have on each and every day some nut hanging in a bush with a camera can get a photo of them…


3.)    I can scour around looking for fun summer stuff to do and then post it for everyone, except that I haven’t even had the time or inclination to find any fun summer crap to do with my own kids yet…



4.)    Money-saving ideas are big in the blogosphere.  Make your own this, DIY that, clip a coupon or recycle… except I really suck at that type of shit.  I’d take a picture of my recycling bins to demonstrate but I’m not trying to embarrass myself online.  You know those pictures live on somewhere forever!



5.)    I could focus on violence against and various types of child abuse, those articles get tons of hits.  I have written a couple of articles that relate to specific incidents in the news that I have strong opinions on, but to do more than that just wouldn’t be me.  It gets depressing and I’d like to be a catalyst for positive change, throw in a laugh while teaching you a parenting trick I’ve learned (like Skittles for potty training!)



6.)    Or I can follow the advice of a couple of close friends and just give up writing and start making YouTube videos of what I would have written.  Which would have me trying to find an area in my home that is quiet and free of mess, not to mention crisis-having, question-asking children and totally disrespectful pets that follow my every step (literally, even the bathroom, yes you should feel for me). Not to mention wanting my every hair to be in place, makeup just right, yada, yada, not happening.


Sigh.  I guess I’m really just more grateful for the readers I have!  Thank you, readers.

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  • Big Cuz says:

    I rather enjoy your post. Find you to be a GREAT READER & do not want you to give up on it…. I think that it takes a lot of work to get a blog off its feet, but I feel you are well on your way in the right direction. I think maybe you not build relationships with other Blog sites is one way to help. Putting yourself out there to advertisers as well. Do not wait for them to come to you, you go to them. Look to your family for help advertising (nothing like a big family effort) ;-) I hope you push on pass the hard times, because I see writing success in your future…

    June 28, 2013 at 9:11 am

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