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Slushy… Magic?

Last week while walking around our neighborhood drugstore, my 7 year old spotted a tiny shelf containing the ‘Slushy Magic’ that you see constant commercials on TV for.  (Mind you this kid can be standing on his backpack and asking me to help him find it).  I said no because I was sure he’d be disappointed, but we went back the next day to buy it thanks to grandma.


It’s so much easier to say no to the newest TV crap when the only way to get it really is by ordering it from the commercials!  Anyway now we had it, the kid practically sang all the way home.  And then of course Khev is an avid reader of directions because he wants to do everything the RIGHT way, so after an hour and twenty minutes, he was frustrated that the slushy magic cubes weren’t frozen enough to be used.  He asked me to turn up the freezer and I refused and then he whined until I threatened to throw it all into the garbage.  (This was easy to threaten since I hadn’t paid for it myself.)


Finally we get to the part where it’s time to shake.  He whipped out his iPod and set the timer for the two minutes advised by the instructions.  Would you be surprised if I said it didn’t work?  No? Neither was I!  The only bad part about it for me was the crushing disappointment on my poor baby’s face.  He sat on the edge of my bed looking dejected.  Then suddenly he got a second wind and said “Let’s shake it longer! That must be it!”  He shook it another two minutes.  When he opened it, the juice had a slight slushiness to it, but no where near what the commercial said.  He drank it, tossed the whole ensemble in the sink and played quietly for the rest of the evening.  I rinsed the magic cubes and stuck them back in the freezer with the plan to try a different type of juice later on.


This is where I thought the story would end (oh, and with an angry letter to the company being typed first thing, Monday morning.)  Except that T. came home, saw the cup and straw in the sink and decided to try it himself.  I could hardly believe it myself, but when he did it, it worked just like it had on TV!  Khev was so excited, that he begged his brother to make him some, which he did.  Then we went about trying to figure out what had gone wrong the first time.  Turns out the temperature of the juice when you begin has a huge impact on how slushy your drink will become.  By the time T. arrived, the juice was much colder than it had been because Khev and I had just bought it.  Also the shaking mattered.  A seven year old can’t shake as briskly for as long as a fifteen year old can.


So in conclusion, the ‘Slushy Magic’ works like the commercial says, just not as quickly and easily.

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